This project started as a simple refresh of accessories and the clients then decided to do a complete remodel and move down full time. The clients flew me to their northern home to plan their furniture and accessories to bring to their new home. We also designed the kitchen while up north to accommodate all her dishware and cookware and made sure that every piece had a place. We made all the finish and fabric selections and then I came back to Florida to supervise the project, both bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, and tile was removed along with kitchen wall to make a more open space. The cabinets, tile flooring, and paint made the remodel brand new. Faith Ashley of Wilson lighting helped with lighting design and Tina Marie of décor and after added faux touches to both baths and fireplace wall. Some new furniture and custom window treatments were intergraded with client’s favorite furniture pieces and collectibles to make this home uniquely their own. They now live in their own Southwest Florida paradise.

Lori Manning Designs

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